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How I edit my Style Photos

A few of you guys have been asking me how I edit my photos and what apps I use with the latest pics on my feed & blog. I’ll be giving a breakdown in this post, as I use different apps for most of my photos and sometimes it’s straight off my phone. Continue Reading



heytaro tara-lee mcnulty

Phew-wee! What a week and it’s only Monday! All the fomo this weekend from Coachella  – the outfits, the line-up, the venue, has all gotten me really excited for festival fashion. We may be saying bye-bye to festival season and weather, but long-live the boho swag! Continue Reading


Five Ways to Practice Self-Love

heytaro tara-lee mcnulty

Since I’ve taken a step back and a reset on my life, I thought there’s no better time than the present to talk about the importance of Self-Loving! I’m an extremely sensitive person and lack confidence in myself most of the time and the thought of self-love used to freak me out. I always used to think self-love means vanity or over enthusiastic confidence (which no one likes a smartass) and well then why is everyone promoting the idea so much? I then did some proper thinking and realised that self-love is needed in those times when I feel like my whole world is ending, my jeans aren’t fitting and the struggle to be the most perfect human being is just too unrealistic. Also, when the materialistic things start mattering more than the small achievements in my life.

Continue Reading