All Roads Lead to Rome

Ah Italy, more like…Eataly! So much food; so much culture, where do I even begin? For a first time traveller overseas, I was wowed and wooed in every aspect this beautiful city has to offer.

Our first stop being beautiful Roma, exchanging  8℃ for a steamy hot 35℃ (and higher) almost every day. Swopping layers for slip dresses and letting my pale feet finally see some sun. Although a dream come true, travelling isn’t all sunshine and roses. We hit a few lumps and bumps along the way that made for either awkies or sticky situations, and not to mention the big language barrier. One too many Aperol’s and in my tipsy state, I made the mistake of telling the waiter that he sounds French (thinking that’s a compliment) when he was so obviously Italian…. Only to be told later on, that they find that as an insult. Back in CPT if you tell someone they sound French, they’ll be thrilled!

Our weekend in Rome, we stayed in the cutest little Airbnb, 700m from the colosseum and about 2 mins from a cute hub of restaurants and shops. I think out of all the places travelled, Rome was definitely my favourite. Best value for money and 360 Italian experience. If you’re not one for massive crowds, then I suggest going just after summer. August the Italians take the month off for vacation so it becomes very full with tourist and locals and just at the start of June-July – I think the rest of the world has the same idea of an Italian summer.

I followed the old wives tale and through a coin into Trevi fountain. They say if you make a wish and toss a coin, the magic of Trevi will make you return to Rome. I hope the odds are in my favour with this one, and that we get to return real soon.

Ah, Rome…my heart!

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