Copia Eco Cabins

Started my 29th year on this planet right with a magical overnight stay at Copia Eco Cabins. Situated in the heart of Botrivier, Cape Town, lies this cozy little nook overlooking the hillside and small town below.

Copia has been on my bucket list for quite some time, from friends going for anniversaries, overseas peeps for travel and from the sheer FOMO of following @copiaecocabins on Instagram and seeing posts of everyone’s stay. There are 3 cabins at Copia, we stayed at Lonetree – and fun little fact, all the cabins are old shipping containers that have been converted into luxury self-catering accommodation. Did I mention the eco-tub? OMG! Probably one of their most popular attributes. Upon arrival the tub is heated perfectly, using coal and wood (basically like a mini fire going to keep the water warm). Not only can you enjoy the views whilst sipping on some red wine in a cozy hot tub, there’s also a braai for you to get the fire going. It’s the prefect South-African date night setting, hot-tub, wine and a lekker braai.

My most rememberable experience was waking up to the sound of rain on the tin roof of the container, jumping into a hot bath, rolling up the blinds of the windows and just slowly waking up whilst I relax in warm water and watch the morning scenes outside. Being a bath person, this was an absolute dream come true for me. Most eco cabins only offer a shower, at Copia, they offered both! Each cabin sleeps two adults and is fully furnished and equipped, all we needed to bring was our food, clothes and drinks. They also have you covered for those extremely cold winter nights, with an indoor fireplace to keep warm. We went when it was storming, so you can imagine how divine it was to go from hot tub to sitting in toasty and warm lounge afterwards.

I can honestly say, it’s an experience worth having and money well-spent.

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