Filling in the Blanks

tara-lee mcnulty heytaro

Hello Loves! OMG! it’s been far too long and as you can see I’m filling in the blanks with a fresh new look on the blog and feed.

So I’m a bit too late to quote the ‘new year, new me’ saying, but in relation to that I’ve done a complete 360° with my style and layout – that minimal life just wasn’t for me. I think these past couple of months of neglect to my blog & Instagram is that I constantly found myself comparing way too much. Comparing other bloggers’ sites, comparing my body to theirs (and how much better clothes look on them). Comparison is the thief of joy! I’ve also gained a bit of weight – don’t let the tallness fool you, and miss my bleach white hair colour. Meh! Who is this girl full of misery and defeat? haha….well, here’s why I decided to kick back the bad and nasty habits of feeling sorry for myself and hating the way I look. Deleting my life’s history browser and starting fresh.

tara-lee mcnulty heytaro

I also started a new job beginning of Feb and I’m loving it. I think this has also played a part in me wanting to change my mindset and who I want to be, as I’m finally doing what I love and surrounded by awesome people to help me grow along the way. I promise to keep this post relevant and not harper on too much about life coach advice, but it’s so important to acknowledge ourselves and also accept ourselves.

So this post is an Alanis Morissette version of what’s to come on the blog in future, where I aim for my online life and my day-to-day life to be 100% on the same frequency. A great example of executing this was today as it is Human Rights Day, and Bryce and I spent it at Babylonstoren. Do yourself a favour, and take a slow cruise, enjoy the route and explore as much of the gardens as you can when you get there. The cacti garden was my favourite (apologies in advance for the abundance of cacti photos). Grab a bite to eat at the greenhouse restaurant and indulge yourself with beautiful scenery. We hope to make another visit very soon, if there’s any questions please leave them in the comments below. I need for social connectivity with you guys in my life!

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