Lusting over Lush

I’ve been neglecting my skin lately and haven’t been taking good care of it to be honest. It’s this time of year where I’m the laziest when it comes to taking care of my skin and keeping it hydrated. Luckily Lush has made it super easy for me this time round.

Can we just take a moment for the Bunny Moon face mask?!?! Literally makes your skin feel soft and silky like a bunny. Also, its a crazy cool feeling applying jelly to your face, the temptation of trying not to eat it is another story though. I applied it directly over my make-up and when rinsed it removes make-up too. It’s my first time trying Lush products and I’m so lusting for more. I have usually just bought their products for gifts for friends without really ever trying it myself. I guess you can tell what’s going to be on my birthday list 😉

I’ve been using the Sleepy cream as a night cream for my face just before bed. Although it’s a body lotion it’s gentle enough to use on my face and the lavender scent seems to set me off on a nice trail into dreamland. It’s also nice to know all Lush products are animal testing free and instead of spending large amounts of money on advertising, they rather spend their budgets on science and technology to improve their products being 100% cruelty free.

A lady who works in one of the store’s told me that Lush products are all natural and that although eating it wouldn’t be ideal, it also wouldn’t kill you – anything that you can digest you should put on your skin and not the other way round.

Haha – okay that’s it, cheeky lil FYI over and out!

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