Travel Diary: Florence

Florence, italy Heytaro

Here’s a snippet of my travel diary in Florence. The energy and art of Florence is indescribable, overflowing with bustle and charm, teeming with life. We visited here smack bang in the middle of our trip and boy-oh-boy, we weren’t the slightest prepared for what it had in store for us. 


I think for most of us art fogeys, seeing David is high up on our bucket lists. I had no idea how gigantooor this guy was, until I turned the corner and saw everyone huddling. My mind wasn’t prepared to be this blown, he still remains in such good condition as he he were a recent replica. So worth the que and the cricked neck to see this one. In other words, if you’re planning a trip to Florence, do yourself a favour and be in awe forever, or at least…for a long while!

Book now to see The David

Florence, italy HeytaroFlorence, italy Heytaro

There’s so much to see in Florence even when you’re on a South African budget.

  1. Visit the Arno River (Free).
  2. Buy Museum passes online – everything is more expensive at the door and people will con you if you’re not careful.
  3. Limit eating at restaurants and rather buy groceries at COOP (one meal at a restaurant is equal to two full bags of groceries)
  4. Walking outside and around The Duomo is just as good as taking a tour inside. (Free)
  5. Take your own water bottles and use the free fountains for filling up with drinking water.

heytaroFlorence, italy HeytaroFlorence, italy HeytaroFlorence, italy HeytaroFlorence, italy HeytaroheytaroItaly pasta florence heytaro

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